The Association of Group Homes and Nodaway County Services:

  • Impact over 400 individuals yearly with developmental disabilities.  
  • Employ nearly 200 employees to carry out our mission.
  • Over a dozen locations.
  • Seven programs in a total of 7 counties in Northwest Missouri.
  • Four divisions.
    1. Community Living Services
      • Group Home Programming
      • Independent Supported Living Programming
      • Respite Services
      • Building Independence Programming
        • Personal Assistance Services
        • CI Services
        • ISD Services
    2. Growing Together Employment Services
      • Real wages
      • Job Training
      • Inclusion Employment
    3. Turning Point Behavioral Services
      • Team of Professionals for Assessment Services
      • Staff Training onsite
      • Multiple programmatic options
      • Future Behavior Analyst Services
    4. Service Coordination Services
      • Targeted Case Management Services in 7 counties in Northwest Missouri
  • Two Corporations.
  • One Administration.

A few concerned citizens of Nodaway County wanted to enhance services available to persons with developmental disabilities in this area. Although some opportunities for employment had been established through a sheltered workshop, a great void existed in terms of residential services and other supports and services. After several years of meeting and planning informally, on November 26, 1980, the first not for profit corporation was formed. This organization became known as the Association of Group Homes for Nodaway County, Inc. (AGH) and opened three group homes on September 24, 1984.

A few months later, in February 1985, the board began offering other services and supports to people not living in any of the three group homes. This new agency was named Nodaway County Services for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc. (NCS) and became officially incorporated May 13, 1986.

The Board delegates the authority of operating both agencies to the Executive Director, who has the responsibility for the day-to-day operations. All staff are employed by the Executive Director on behalf of the Board of Directors.  Only the Board of Directors of AGH/NCS has the ability to adopt any revisions to the policies or procedures.  The mission of these two agencies is rooted in the strong belief that every person has a right to live in their community as an accepted and active member. Both the AGH and NCS strive to help the general community and people with disabilities learn from one another in order to promote mutual understanding.

Rather than develop programs and make people fit into these services, the agencies attempt to recognize and support each person as an individual with their own unique gifts and needs.