Mission Statement

Helping people live the life they want and reach their fullest potential through compassion, dignity and respect.

Divisional Vision Statements

Community Living Division

Empowering individuals to live the life they choose.

Service Coordination Division

Improving the quality of life for others through planning, advocating, linking and monitoring.

Turning Point Behavioral Division

Providing individualized supports for intense behaviors and crisis situations, so individuals con begin to rediscover hope in a caring environment.

Growing Together Employment Division

Providing customized pathways to inclusive and fair employment.

Core Values

Compassion, Care, Respect, Teamwork, Commitment, Kindness, Empathy, Service, Dignity, Trust, Professionalism, Integrity

In partnership with the individuals being supported and the Department of Mental Health (Albany Regional Office), the agency embraces the standards outlined in the Certification Project Manual. As an agency, we constantly strive for continued improvements to meet these standards.