Group Homes and its Community Living:

Community Living is a part of the Association of Group Homes (AGH) and as a division of Nodaway County Services (NCS).  

It is the goal to provide the highest quality of living and services possible to those we support.  As such, Community Living offers the following services:

Group Home - Supporting individuals who need additional supports have a home.

Independent Supported Living - Supporting individuals in their choice of environments to succeed.

Personal Assistance - Helping individuals who need additional help to manage their daily lives.

Community Integration - Helping individuals learn and experience inclusion into the community.

Individual Skill Development - Helping individuals learn skills to navigate life and succeed.

Respite - Providing temporary placement for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Turning Point Behavioral Program - In collaboration with the Turning Point Behavioral Division, an Independent Supported Living program specializes in placement, respite services of individuals with behavioral issues.  

Growing Together Employment Program - Using current working positions promoting inclusion, equal wage and development of employment skills and training.