Service Coordination Division:

Nodaway County Services (NCS) provides targeted case management (TCM) services to individuals with developmental disabilities in most of northwest Missouri. This division of NCS is known as the Service Coordination Division. Those receiving TCM services from NCS receive their eligibility through the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities. 

Service Coordinators are professionals who help people with developmental disabilities and their families identify and obtain needed services and supports. They also advocate for, monitor and evaluate services along with the individuals, families and guardians. A key role of the Service Coordinator is to assist the individuals they support with the process and paperwork necessary to obtain services. The system of multiple agencies providing services to person with developmental disabilities can be complex and confusing. Service Coordinators provide a “single point of entry” into services. NCS will serve just under 400 individuals in a given year. 

For more information please call or email the Service Coordination Management Team at 660-562-9990!